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                REG CHARITY NO: 159243

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and we sincerely hope that the information you find here will be useful for you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Vision

Transforming lives and Restoring Purpose


Our Value

Educating, Vocational Training, Care and Compassion


Our Mission

An ambition charity organisation growing in care and influence. We transform lives by treating, caring, and educating the vulnerable and underprivilege.


Our mission is to be a change agent bringing hope and life to so many in deprived communities in Nigeria.


About Us

We are  Non-Profit Charity organisation that contribute to the welfare, support the wellbeing of women, young people from disadvantage family background, orphan and children and youth in a way that will impact, support and change their life for better in Nigeria.


The greatest way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive it. No greater time to send hope and happiness during this difficult period than now and where there is life, there is HOPE.


We are contributing to the eradication of the root causes of poverty in Nigeria and we plan to extend it to other African nations subject to our resources.


We focus on the below core areas;

* Education & Vocational Training for the youths, women, boys and girls.                                                                                                     * Community Development Projects like providing water bore holes and community market place centres.

* We create sustainable community development by equipping the markets centre’s will local need machineries like cassava and rice blending machines to support the locals.

*We intend to build Community Health Primary Centres that will be managed by the professional/local community.


         EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF HOPE CHAMPIONS CHARITY                                                    FOUNDATION

Our mission is to transform Live's and to restore purpose for as many youths, women, boys and girls as possible in Nigeria.


We are already partnering with another charity foundation in Harare Zimbabwe and over 500 youths are on the program.

Our operation is work based vocational training and college education for those who want to further their education. The program will focus on vulnerable and marginalised girls, boys and women includes those with disabilities.

The youths in intervention program will also benefit from internship and mentoring opportunities, readiness-for-work training, and mentoring opportunities in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all by 2030.

Within the next 3 years, we have target of reaching more than 250,000 young Nigerians/Africans with employability and entrepreneurial skills to enable them secure gainful employment or set up businesses of their own.

Participants at this program is expected to be upskilled in personal effectiveness and time management, effective communication, business etiquette, employability skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, idea generation, problem solving and creativity among others.

We are also providing free vocation training in different areas for others, empowering them to be skilful and enable them to acquire necessary skills for employment or self-employment.

We are planning social care intervention for as many as possible, rescue and save them from hopelessness in life which is not caused by them but victim of their environment.

We are providing direct assistance and protection to young vulnerable victims which could have been on the street at the mercy of exploitation from criminal gangs who will take advantage of them.

Hope Champions Charity Foundation believes that accelerating and increasing investments in youth as well as creating direct opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship will go a long way towards tackling the current social and economic challenges posed by high youth and women unemployment in Nigeria and Africa in general.

We also want to provide direct assistance and protection to vulnerable victims in the hand of traffickers by giving them alternative lifestyle of productivity.

We will improve their health and well-being, facilitate social integration and prevent trafficking of these vulnerable victims.


We are preventing as much as possible for the women and  youths;

  • Forced sexual exploitation of girls.

  • Forced labour of boys and girls.

  • Forced begging.

  • Forced criminality activity like kidnapping for money.

  • Recruitment of children and young people into criminal gangs.

  • Trafficking to Europe and other part of the world as slaves and for prostitution.

Our team are people with strong conviction to contribute positively to life of the young people as many as possible.

We concentrate on education up to university level, health, vocational training and provide personalised social care support to women, boys and girls with a range of needs, including people with learning disabilities.

We do not discriminate against any group or person based on factors such as ethnicity, sexuality, gender, age or faith.

Community Wellbeing Services Clinic

We will also be providing support to Women, Youths and Adult, on a range of lifestyles, health and wellbeing interventions like drug abuse.

Our work will include face to face work by qualified practitioners, by telephone support and virtual interventions.

As we expand our work, we will also be supporting the deaf & blind schools and physically & mentally disabled schools in Nigeria.

We are a ‘Change Maker’ producing Champions and giving hope to the hopeless in the disadvantage community.

If you have time, do please browse through our:


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*Instagram page: 0263882

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International address:

21, SS14 1SW, Basildon, Essex, UK

Nigeria Postal address:

P. O . Box 853 Ipaja, Lagos , Nigeria

Nigeria office address: 

Hope Champions Administrator

7, Tunde Ogundare Street

(Adam Block Bust Stop)

Off Akute –Alagbole Road

Akute, Ogun – State Nigeria.

White Structure


+4407424723769 (UK)

+2348035280239 (Nigeria)



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